How to Arrange Flowers

Floral phobia?  Don’t be intimidated by arranging flowers!  This simple guide to how-to arrange flowers will show you how to arrange flowers like a pro!  Flowers can be a big part of a party’s budget–arranging flowers yourself will keep down your costs.  Purchase your flowers from the grocery store–they may not look like much in the store, but they can be easily transformed into a beautiful centerpiece!

If you are a beginner, here are the basic tips for how-to arrange flowers you can follow to insure your flowers look like a pro’s:

  1. Rather than choosing a mixed bouquet, choose the same type of flower.
  2. Rather than creating multicolored flower arrangements, choose one color.
  3. Avoid buying flowers that have been dyed funky colors–unless it is St. Patrick’s Day!
  4. Don’t be shy about using single blooms in bud vases, small glasses or votive candle holders.  Line them up or group them on tables.
  5. Trim your flower stems to be equal length.  Hold them in your hand as if you are making a wedding bouquet and place them in a narrow vase.
  6. Slender or narrow shaped vessels are much easier to arrange flowers in than wide.
  7. For long stems, allow them to arch out of the vase

How to arrange flowers

Essential Vessels That you will use Time and Again:

  • A tall, fluted shape column, slightly wider on top than on the bottom.
  • A  ginger jar with a narrow neck–it works well with about any large arrangement as well as branches.
  • A tall, glass cylinder, at least 24 inches high, for arranging flowers such as calla lilies, gladiolus and branches.
  • A short (no taller than 8 inches)  vase for creating a table centerpiece.  You want the flowers to be low enough that your guests can see across the table.
  • Multiple bud vases or votive candle holders– cluster them together for a centerpiece or place them alone.
how to arrange flowers-dahlia in a glass - partyful

Dahlia in a simple glass Via Martha Stewart

how to arrange flowers-bud vases with white flowers centerpiece-partyful

Flowers in bud vases placed along dining table via Style Me Pretty.

how to arrange flowers-white roses in a vase-partyful

White Roses via Martha Stewart

How to arrange flowers - white tulips in a bud vase - partyful

A simple dining table centerpiece using Tulips in a mint julep cup via Style Me Pretty

How to arrange flowers - white roses in a bud vase - partyful

Roses in a votive holder via Style Me Pretty. Place several of these mini bouquets along your dining table.





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  1. Thanks for tips! Things I would never think of! I love your style! I bought some lavender yesterday, looks like the one you used for the lavender arrangement. I hope mine will come out as pretty as yours. Do you know if I can plant lavender outside in AZ, I heard it might deter Javalina

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